Grumble, Grumble, Hallelujah!

I love this fabric covered button necklace by Tamar. Want one? Check it out!

I’m sick.

… the kind of sick that happens after final exams, that happens after the holidays, that happens as a let-down after something really important.

I am tired, achy, resentful of the tremendous energy exhibited by my husband. I would say something unhelpful to him, but I am tired.

And since I don’t want you to have stumbled on my blog tonight only to find a grumble, I will give you this–pilfered in broad daylight from my dear friend, Heather Mayo:

“[My husband] had an idea to get a little dry erase board with magnets to put on the fridge and use it as a Thankfulness Board. The idea is to write down something we are thankful for every day. I like it.”

I love it. I may just do this, Heather … tomorrow … when I am done grumbling.


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