Love & Space Bags

I love this small wood ampersand by Hindsvik! Check it out.

Tonight: A note from loyal reader, Heidi:

I have an idea for your next “favorite things” blog–an ode to Space Bags. I love them. They are my new favorite thing. I took four bins of linens and condensed them to one shelf. Now I’m off to condense sweaters. These things are wonderful!

Thanks, Heidi! I have never used space bags. But something I DID recently discover: nesting.

(It isn’t just a pregnancy thing. Apparently it applies to mothers who are adopting, too.)

Plane tickets purchased. Child proofing gear in place. Itinerary pages printed.

Now to learn about space bags …


  1. Mom24Munchkins says:

    Space bags enabled me to go to Europe for 10 days with only a carry-on and a backpack. and still have room for souvenirs.:)

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