Measuring Love

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Life is hard.

There is no way around it. Today, I sat on the couch with a to-do list the size of Texas, and I wondered why it was so difficult just to do what needed to be done. From the simplest challenges to the most complex, little in life is easy.

At times, I’ve resented this fact.

Twenty-eight months after beginning the adoption process, I’m ready to move to the next chapter, you know? Thankfully the plane tickets are purchased and the bags are being packed. But soon there will be another difficult chapter in life. Here is what I understand about challenges:

“Angry, resentful questions about the painful circumstances of life become unnecessary when we begin to grasp that God does everything for us in love. And though we will never fully comprehend this love–as someone tossed in the ocean with a yardstick could never begin to measure the width or the depth–we can trust His goodness based on what He has already done.” Trust, Hope, Pray page 28

If He loved us enough for the cross, He’ll love us enough for this week and the tasks we are called to accomplish.

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