Mending Fences and Winning Books (And Lemonade!)

Photo by me! I discovered this lovely creation (made out of plastic cups) while driving home from work today! Brilliant idea.

Happy 401st blog post!

Thank you to all of you have supported this blog along the way. I still have miles to go before I sleep. All kinds of ideas are brewing about ways we can get out and talk to home managers everywhere about what works for them. And you–and your loyalty–are a big part of the success so far. So thank you for that!

Because yesterday was a holiday, I am lumping Junk Drawer Monday and In Print Tuesday. I hope it doesn’t confuse any of my OCD friends. We’ll be back on track tomorrow.

In the winners’ circle, I am happy to announce that Danielle (who is adopting from Ghana) has won a copy of the book along with a gift card to Bed Bath & Beyond. I am thrilled to share a copy of the book with someone adopting, though I assure you the random number generator had no knowledge of this wonderful connection. Danielle, please drop me a note about where you would like the book and card sent.

With a nod to In Print, you should check out a recipe I discovered in USA Today for watermelon lemonade. It sounded so good, I nearly left my blog mid-post to buy a watermelon.

Hope your holiday was something for the record books.

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