Oh Baby!

Photo by Horia Varlan

I’ve got nothing.

I’m serious. My sister-in-law is having contractions and I’m running around like every bumbling father in television who learns his wife is in labor. My brother ate supper while walking circles in the living room. The dogs are on the floor, chewing through their bones like they have power saws for jaws.

I have snacks. I have a bag packed. I’m ready to do this thing . . . vicariously, of course.

Of course, my sister is sitting on the couch, calmly looking at her laptop. She’s better off than we are.

No one ever told me that–when the mother goes into labor–everyone else in the family does, too.

I’m having contractions every two minutes.


  1. Grandma is pretty calm but excited. i know my little Amber. I cry a little because I'm so far away but rejoice that she has a remarkable husband and her big sister, Trish with her. Thank you for all your pains. I'm sure they help the progress a little??????

  2. Hey you MUST update us! Has babe arrived safely? All is well?

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