Solving the Rubik’s Cube: Piece of Cake

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Tonight, in the midst of packing, I stopped to enjoy a cake that blew my mind.

Well. I didn’t actually eat the cake. I read about it here. The opening lines of this article by Vidya Rao read:

Food inspiration can come from anywhere. Dublin resident Vicky McDonald, who works in TV production by day and is a food blogger by night, brought together two of her loves to create the Rubik’s Battenberg, a cake in the likeness of the ‘80s Rubik’s cube …

Simply put, if you like the Rubik’s cube, you’ll like this cake. I can think of a dozen events where this cake would be the perfect hit! I wonder if I could make it …

Anyway. At least reading about cake is a calorie-free experience.

Back to packing.

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