Wait Gain: It’s Almost Over

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Nearly one year ago, I wrote on this blog that my husband and I are in the process of adopting. I am thankful to report that our wait for our son is almost over.

On March 16, 2009, Luke and I made the decision to wade into the adoption waters. We had heard about a little boy in need of a family and decided to pursue his adoption. From the very first piece of official paperwork we submitted, we made the choice of this child. Our love for him–though difficult to explain–has existed these past 28 months.

We will meet this little boy soon. How our eyes ache to see him. How our arms ache to hug him. How our mouths ache to tell him–again and again–that he is loved.

Soon enough.

(FYI: I feel comfortable saying that we will travel because we have two house sitters, a guard dog, and round-the-clock surveillance of our home. Not to mention that all of our valuables–every last one–will be with us on this trip. We leave only some books and our fish tank behind.)

That said, this blog may or may not be updated during the next few days. It is my hope to post a photo each day–perhaps of the homes or shops or sites we visit. Many of you have traveled this journey with us. We hope to share the next few days with you.

For now, I leave you with this thought:

What about the stories that do not have a happy ending?

Whether or not the desire is granted, the illness relieved, the loss restored–the ending for the child of God is always certain, and it is always bright. God is in control. He will allow the best thing to happen to us every time. Eventually, in the providence of God, He will bring us to Heaven where we will praise Him for eternity.

Make no mistake. Our God is faithful.


  1. God IS faithful. That little boy is so blessed to have your love already.

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