A+ Guide to Managing Motherhood

What’s not to love about this awesome 1960s red vinyl gym bag by sevenbc? Almost takes me back to highschool P.E. (Almost.)

Tonight: 2 things. A little something for everyone …

First, in the spirit of the new school year, I am pleased to announce that I am now posting free eBooks on our Facebook page. I have the privilege of knowing many fabulous authors who publish many fabulous books. I am excited to start sharing their eBooks with those of you who have bought into the eReader revolution. I hope you’ll check out the selections and enjoy!

Second, to the readers of this blog who recently sent children to their first day of school …

This year will be challenging. There will be homework to monitor and grades to encourage. Sports will swing into full gear soon enough, and party invites will roll in. Conferences will require your attendance, and music practice will need your support. Two months from now, when the furnace of responsibility really heats up to a painful roar, remember this:

You are equipped with everything you need.

The only difference between the first day and the last–and all the days in between–is the level of enthusiasm and hope for the future.

It’s a funny thing the way students think the challenges of the school year are theirs. The older I get, the more I realize that the real challenges belong to the mothers …

Happy school year.


  1. Anonymous says:

    Written like a true teacher, reflective student, and new mother who is looking ahead.

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