Living in a Glass House

The photo above was taken in a bathroom in Thailand. Notice, the shower is on the wall. There is no shower door or curtain. There is simply a drain in the floor.

Guess which one of the following is fictional: The Toilet House (a house built in the shape of, er, the commode), a house made of glass that slides in and out of a garage, a house that includes a snore room.

You guessed it. All three homes exist. Apparently I live in the wrong neighborhood.

Tonight’s In Print comes from an article on entitled, “That’s It Honey, I’ll Be in the Snore Room.”

I’m trying to decide if it’s practical or indulgent that builders are catering to the snoring habits of today’s couples.

7 days in; 7 days left–


  1. E. Johnson says:

    A whole *house* that slides out of a garage?! I don't even want to know how much that cost!

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