My View: Two Paths Diverged

The above photo, taken by my husband, is the view from our room. (I want to take it home!)

As the sun begins to rise in the western part of the world, my Sunday in Thailand is coming to a close. And here is what I am thinking about today …

God is good.

He is good, not only when He gives us what we do not deserve, but also when He does not give us what we think we need.

How often have we prayed and asked for something, only to learn later that we wouldn’t have wanted what we thought we needed had we known what God already knew?

These last couple of years have not been what I thought they would be. (Who am I kidding? These last few days have not gone as I had planned.) But here is what I believe with all my heart:

God’s sovereignty always dictates that my future will be better than anything I have planned. Seeing the end from the beginning, God will always direct my path so that each step will coincide with His goodness.

Every disappointment–every single one–is an indication that God has something better in store for my life. How can I be sure? The “something better” is God’s best. And nothing can beat that.


  1. Michael L. Myers says:

    Phenomenal post with absolute truth! Can I steal all of this and use it in my ministry?

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