P.S. I Love You

This love (pillow cover) is all we need. By sweetharvey.

I love keeping things simple. There is something really attractive about simplicity.

The photos I love most are of simple things. The rooms I love most contain the least amount of stuff. To-do lists that simplify life are extraordinary.

You get the idea.

This morning I was reminded of the most challenging–yet simple–demands on my life:

1. Love the Lord your God.
2. Love your neighbor.

Loving other people shouldn’t be a difficult duty. Yet sometimes–when looking at all of the responsibilities in life–the task compares to finding a straight pen in a cluttered desk drawer. It’s possible, but the view is obstructed by other attractive things.

Sure. I have lots of work to do this week. There will be meals to prepare and articles to edit and books to read and people to visit. I have a stack of thank-you notes ahead of me that could rival the height of the Seven Summits.

But herein is my goal for this week:


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