SPARK #4: Game Change

Rare, red vinyl pair of original Herman Miller, Charles Eames shell chairs by thevintagesupplyco. These chairs make sitting an art.

The house is quiet. In the battle of sleep vs. my son, sleep has prevailed. It’s funny to think that the silence feels strange when only a few weeks ago, silence was the norm. So much can change in an instant …

SPARK #4: Write about a change you have experienced in your life that has been impactful. 100 to 200 words.

And one more thing before I go:

Through the years, I’ve heard various of my friends complain that they don’t have enough time to keep up with journals, baby books, scrap books, etc.–with or without children, life is busy. I get that.

But here is my encouragement to you. Even if you only take one day a week to document something important–a page in a journal or scrapbook, for instance–you will still have 52 pages at the end of a year. And that is not a shabby goal.

Perfectionism is too often the enemy of accomplishment.

I was reminded today–via the story of a sweet mother of 7 who is battling cancer–that life is short.

Go ahead–write something down.

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