Thai Top Ten

The photo above is of a dwelling here in Bangkok. There are several homes like this throughout the city.

Tonight, I’d like to share 10 things I’ve learned in Thailand, in no particular order.

1. The motorbikes outnumber the cars at least 10 to 1.
2. On the above-said motorbikes, women ride “side saddle.”
3. At the street vendors, people buy soda in bags. As in … they pour soda into a plastic bag and stick a straw in it.
4. The McDonald’s restaurants in Thailand serve apple pies, cherry pies, and tuna fish pies.
5. Thais smile … a lot.
6. Thai people would rather do anything than tell you bad news. So, even if the news is bad, it sounds good.
7. There are over 50,000 restaurants in Bangkok. People here like to eat.
8. The driving here is crazy, but I’ve only seen 1 accident so far … and it involved an American driver.
9. It costs roughly 80 U.S. dollars a year to attend the local university. (Less than the price of my college psychology textbook.)
10. I love this city more than I ever thought I could.


  1. Lisa Schlesinger says:

    I visited Thialand in the late 80's and found it to be delightful. Also looks like it hasn't changed much in almost 25 years. Be sure and purchase yourself a few beautiful gemstones to take home with you.

  2. Have been in Thiland, and you are more than correct…the driving is CRAZY and TONS of motor bikes! I was amazed. The only thing worse than being in a taxi, ia being in a tuktuk (not sure of the spelling). That was terrifying. In a little buggy type thing being pulled by a motorbike…Yikes! And the people riding around with the dead pigs…well some things never leave you. :). Praying for young Peer. Take in as much of gthe city as you can. You will want to share his homeland with him…

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