True Blue: Lost in Time

If I owned this pair of Fire King Turquoise blue cups and saucers by Modred12, I wouldn’t have any dilemma.

I find something oddly refreshing about passing things down through generations. Sharing lends credibility to the concept of family, somehow …

Check out today’s In Print, featured on

The article, by Michelle Leifer, begins:

When Allison Rinaldi got married two months ago, she didn’t need to think twice about her “something old.” Since she was a little girl, she knew she’d be in the same dress that her great-great grandmother, grandmother, mother and aunt wore down the aisle. She even tried it on when she was 15 and thought, ‘someday I’ll wear it.'”

Check out the article and video interview here.

I’m wondering what I can pass down. I have an excellent notebook collection. And Luke and I have a couple of hundred decent books. And Keurig coffee cups. We have lots of those …


  1. ModredVintage says:

    Thanks for featuring my cups and saucers, it's appreciated. I enjoyed reading your blog.

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