U.S. Route 23 and Other Blessings

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The sign in the entryway of my home reads, “An attitude of gratitude creates blessings.” It’s one of my favorite things–and a great reminder as soon as I enter my house that my attitude makes a big difference.

Tonight I am thankful for safety.

Though “safety” isn’t quite as shiny as a new kitchen gadget, nor is it as cool as a new iPhone app, it’s my favorite thing.

Tonight I was driving “quickly” on U.S. Route 23–trying to get home in time to see my husband before putting my child to bed–when the van I was driving quick working. As in, right in the middle of the road it stopped.


I couldn’t even coast off onto the non-existent shoulder. I was stuck–half on the road, half off the road–with cars and trucks rushing past. With each vehicle that approached my van, I prayed that the driver was paying attention. (And I made a few mental notes about my own occasional distracted driving.)

I’ll put it right out there: I was scared.

Three officers, an hour, and a tow truck later, we were on our way. And I couldn’t be more thankful that my son and I were safe. It’s amazing the things I take for granted on a regular basis.

The car is in a nearby shop, we are gloriously stranded at my grandma’s house (who can complain about THAT?), and there will be details to work out later.

But for tonight … I am just thankful.


  1. How frightening. So happy you are safe.

  2. 8d5a2c28-d052-11e0-b719-000bcdcb471e says:

    Thank God nothing happened to you!

  3. Oh friend…..I am ever so thankful you and your son are safe as well! Life is to be treasured and you have a new life to treasure each and every day. God did not bring your family together only to allow the darness of this world to steal it from you.

    I tear up each and every time I read your words and of gratitude. Each and every time I see your references to your SON I cry. I do not know another person who deserves to be a mother as much as you do. You are an amazing woman and I am in awe of you. I am thankful to know you!

  4. Oh friend…..I am ever so thankful you and your beautiful son are safe! God did not bring your family together after such a long wait to allow the darkness of this world to tear you apart.

    I tear up each time I read your references to your son. I do not know of another woman who deserves to be a mother as you! You have chosen to be a mother and to share your love and your heart with a young man who so desperately needs and deserves it. I am thankful your son has been blessed with such a wonderful family!

    I am thankful to know you!

  5. Wow! All I can think is what a mighty God we serve! Praise the Lord for His protection!

  6. Elizabeth Johnson says:

    Glad you're okay!

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