Changing the Game: {Please Read}

Admission: I have an unhealthy love of stationery. This card by DawnCorrespondence is perfect!

I read a post that stopped me in my tracks today.

One of the reasons I hesitated to write a blog for several years is because I didn’t know how to spread the word that it is existed–or, frankly–if anyone would care that it did. Blogs seem to be a dime a dozen these days. And while some of them have made a tremendous impact on my life, many of them–likely more of them–have had all the practicality of an umbrella on a sunny day.

Internet Garmins would be nice, yes? Destination: blogs that offer helpful insight vs. those that don’t.

Yesterday, I posted a contest to help spread the word about House Honcho. I didn’t consider it narcissistic as much as I considered it a plea for readers. One of my concerns has always been waking up to find that absolutely all of my readers gave up and went home.

Then I read a post that discussed–among other things–the lack of humility involved in self-promotion.

As someone heavily involved in the publishing industry (it puts the bread on my table, frankly), I don’t believe that promotion is entirely evil. But the article did cause me to re-think the promotion of this blog. And I came to the conclusion that I don’t need to promote House Honcho for it to be successful. If it’s helpful, it will continue. If it’s one of those useless umbrella kind of blogs, it will fade away.

And that will be okay.


They are simple.

Send a note of encouragement to someone this week–someone you haven’t sent a note to before would be great! Let’s lift someone’s spirits, brighten someone’s day, put a skip in someone’s step. Let me know that you sent a note (no need to say who it was sent to or what it was about) by signing your initials to this post with a quick sentence.

To those who already passed the word about the site, your names are safely in the hat.

As for me, I’m just thankful you took the time to read this. My gratitude is to you …


  1. How funny! I sent a card out yesterday to someone. I love doing this! Meant to last week. Takes my focus off of me when I send out cards to other people. HML

  2. I had just finished sending my niece my love (she's feeling really low right now – recalling the day her 11yr old daughter was killed in a car accident 2 yrs ago) when I came across your post. Now I'll send you oodles of greatfulness to you. I read every post!

  3. TRISHA!!!! how did you know?!?! isn't it just the truth – I wrestle with this all this time. How do you get the word out about what you're doing without crossing the line to shameless self-promotion? (not that you did by any means). Thanks for your insight and your commitment to what IS important. Believe me, that's something I'll promote any day!

  4. I recommend your blog to many others…and am thankful for she who recommended it to me. It has been a thing of substance since its inception. Thank you! I e-mailed the link to your post about teachers to each of my children's teachers…they were grateful and had some wonderful comments about both your take and the article in subject. I've written…hand written much more often, thanks in part to inspiration from reading this blog. This week I sent my third installment to a woman who just recently was diagnosed with cancer, and whom I have never met…but the burden my own, dear friend has for her was all I needed to become a friend who prays for this woman as well–and to let her know with a note each week from me that I AM praying for her! Keep up the good work, blogger! I'd love to meet you some day! :) We have many mutual friends…

  5. You are always such an encouragement.
    I got a note on Sunday from a sweet young lady, recently become a Christian, who has taken the challenge to encourage others :)
    I love getting a free card offer from Shutterfly & designing a card with someone specific in mind — 3 just went to friends diagnosed with caner this week.

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