Dear June: Let’s Talk About Calendars!

Fall is here on Friday! I plan to celebrate all season with Etsy items, like this Orange and White Pumpkin Pincushion from SeaPinks. Love it.

Tonight’s question from a reader is one I get often. Please feel free to contribute your own suggestions in the comments section.

I’m on the hunt for the “perfect” calendar/agenda/planner, etc. and was wondering what you use.  I searched your blog and saw a post where you mentioned writing in your planner every day.  I have used wall calendars forever.  Lately, I used the family organizer type (Amy Knapp, etc.), but am open to new ideas.  It’s kind of awkward to grab my huge wall calendar off the fridge and head out the door to a meeting.  :-)  Although that’s what I’ve done for years! 

I really love the monthly format…it must be how my brain works, but am willing to try a smaller weekly planner that I can keep on my kitchen counter and then throw in my purse as I head out the door.  Just wondering if you had any ideas for me!  One thing that bugs me about many of the planners I’ve been looking at on-line is the (increasingly popular) Monday – Sunday format.  Guess I’m old fashioned, but I really want one that starts on Sunday!  The Lord’s Day starts my week so I’d love my planner to have that format too. 

Thank you for your time! 

Dear Jena,

Calendars are wonderful inventions. I know exactly what you mean about “being on the hunt” for a good calendar. Calendars are a dime a dozen, but good ones are really hard to find!

That said, I like calendars that 1) have plenty of writing space, 2) don’t include a lot of useless “fringe,” and 3) travel easily.

I am a huge fan of Franklin Covey. (Admittedly, I suggested naming our son “Franklin Covey,” but my husband shot it down faster than a rat in the attic. Oh well.) Specifically, I love Covey’s printable forms. I bought these years ago and have never paid a penny since. The upside is having the exact forms that I need. The downside is having to print them myself.

I am also a fan of Microsoft Office templates. These forms are free and simplistic. (Consequently, if you use Microsoft Outlook, they offer an insanely addictive online calendar.)

Finally, for the papyrophiles, I love the magnetic calendars found in the stationery section of many grocery stores. My favorite are the one-page-per-week choices. Tim Coffey offers a great line through Tri-Coastal Design.

I hope this helps. Readers, feel free to add your own calendar preferences …

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