FREE While They’re Hot

These delicious vanilla/almond sugar cookies, by sugarandflour, give new meaning to, “An apple a day …”

In honor of today being Friday (which doesn’t happen often enough during the week) I am going to share 5 of my favorite things … yours free if you want them.

1. Enjoy a 2-ounce body lotion from Bath & Body Works (good through Sunday).

2. Enjoy a free waffle at the Waffle House (good through the end of the month).

3. Enjoy a sample of Rachael Ray’s Just 6 dog food. (Well, not you specifically.)

4. Enjoy a free eBook from Moody Publishers (good through November 1.)

5. Enjoy 3 cups of Twinings tea (or chai, if that’s more your thing).

***Bonus: One of my all-time favorite items is available in the House Honcho Facebook group.

Happy Friday!

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