Girls in White Dresses

This beauty, by gardenmis, is made with a gorgeous, slightly worn vintage button.

You know what Monday is, right?

Yes, Labor Day. Of course Labor Day. But what else?

In addition to being Labor Day (thank you, President Cleveland), Monday is the day–traditionally–when all white clothing is tucked away ’til Easter. No doubt you’ve heard the “Don’t wear white after Labor Day” rule.

Ever wondered where it came from?

Because Labor Day is traditionally considered the end of summer, and the end of summer traditionally brings cooler weather, white clothing is no longer worn after Labor Day because it doesn’t maintain the same amount of heat provided by darker clothing.

But critics have made a good case for doing away with the rule.

White clothing doesn’t have to be lightweight, for instance. And summer isn’t actually over until the end of the month. And anyway, who wears certain colors to stay warm anymore?

So fashion designers are putting white into their fall collections. And people everywhere are bucking the trend.

Whatever you do, have a merry, white Labor Day.


  1. I wore white shoes the day after Labor Day just to be rebellious. :)

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