Memoirs of a Paper Queen

If I were queen, I would only use Pyrex, like this piece from Modred12. I love it.

Do you remember where you were 14 years ago today? I do.

Let’s see if this helps. It was 14 years ago today that Princess Diana was killed in that tragic car accident in a Paris tunnel.

It was a Sunday.

For me, the school year was just beginning, and I was sitting in Sunday School that morning listening to my peers whisper about her death. I was annoyed because–while I had learned about the accident the night before–I thought she was still alive. One of the boys in my class was a little too eager to clarify for me that the princess of people’s hearts had died.

I was devastated. I owned a book of paper dolls featuring Princess Diana. (FYI: It came with a paper tiara. Open the paper slits, fold the tabs, and adjust to fit. Go from commoner child to dazzling princess in seconds.)


Something that has always intrigued me during the past 14 years is the way that Diana is remembered. She was a humanitarian, style icon, and international personality. She is still considered the UK’s favorite royal. But listen for it. Whenever people discuss Diana–whether they are reporters or historians–their voices change when they remember Diana as … mother.

Argue it all you want. But I am convinced that–on the list of prized accomplishments–motherhood is still queen.

Seems like only yesterday–


  1. MommaHarms says:

    funny, I remember hearing about it at school. Must have been "out of the loop" on the Sunday event!

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