Out With the Cold, In With the Flu

This sign, by emrooney, is so true. So, so true.

Okay, so tonight’s post isn’t fun or cheery. But tonight’s post demonstrates one thing: tough love. I care about you, Reader, and here is how I will prove it.

Reports are coming out today that this allergy season (mere weeks away) could be a bad one.

An article on msnbc.com, written by Rachael Rettner, begins:

“Plentiful rains coupled with warm temperatures this summer may lead to a particularly severe fall allergy season for those living in the Northeast, experts say.” 
The article goes on to explain that numerous parts of the country will be affected in various ways. 
Time to ramp up the drinking of fluids, washing of hands, and acquisition of tissues.

What can I say? Love hurts sometimes–

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