SPARK #6: The Evil Fourth Step

Check out this bright red Sea Star watercolor by giardino. Reminds me of dreaming … which I need to do. ‘Night.

Today I was people watching (unintentionally–I am tired) and I saw two girls walking arm in arm. They were taking three steps forward, followed by one step backward.

The game went on for quite some time before it occurred to me:

Even though the girls experienced a setback in their progress every fourth step, they still moved forward.

And then the wheels started turning.

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In each of these opportunities–as well as scores more–there are seasons of shortcoming. It’s just the way it is. Humanity always wins in the battle against perfection. But instead of beating myself up about that frustrating fourth step, I’ve got to focus on moving forward. Giving up and sitting on a park bench isn’t going to allow me to experience those other three (glorious!) steps that move me in the right direction.

Which brings us to this:

SPARK #6: What is a challenge in your life that really pushes you to your limits? Perhaps this is a goal you have achieved. Perhaps this is a goal you still need to achieve.

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