SPARK #8 : Ode to Autumn

Time to pull out the fall fashions. What? No fall fashions? Check out these cool patterns by TheFancyLamb.

It is 42 degrees outside. I can smell the faint drifting of a bonfire through the open window. It actually feels good to curl up under a blanket. A trip to the apple orchard is close at hand.

Fall is one week away. Kind of hard to imagine, isn’t it? Where did summer go?


Tonight’s SPARK comes from a file of prompts I keep in my office.

“What is your favorite memory of autumn? How old were you when it occurred? Take 5 or 10 minutes to write about it as if you were recording it in real time. If it helps to look at photos of yourself at the age when you experienced the situation, go for it.”

While you’re writing, I’m going to dig out that recipe for gourmet caramel corn.

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