Thank You and Good Night

Photo by Sara Frankl

Tonight, while I am carefully ticking through my to-do list and lamenting the end of the weekend, a friend of mine is preparing to meet her Maker.

I say, “friend” loosely. The Internet Age has made friends of total strangers. (Crazy dangerous and wholly wonderful.) In reality, I have only met Sara–shared coffee, chatted over chocolate chip cookies, compared life goals–via her blog.

But Sara is no less a friend. And Sara has been no less of an influence.

After years of battling a chronic illness, Sara will soon be released from her pain. I can only imagine that those who love her in person must be sorrowing and rejoicing in equal proportions. I know I am.

Something Sara said more than once will stay with me a long time. If I’m fortunate, it will stay with me forever. Her instruction (nearly 3 years ago) were simple and Herculean.

Be intentional in all things.

In Sara’s words:

Here’s the thing: I really do believe that everything we do, no matter how small, carries with it an impact. The decisions we make about who we want to be, how we want to live and how we treat others affects more than just our immediate surroundings. If I come in contact with someone I either leave them feeling better about themselves or worse, but I never leave them unaffected.

Well-said, Sara. For that and so much more, thank you …

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