Turn Again to Life

I love this Blue Triptych Tree Collage by Sascalia. It reminds me of the perfect, blue skies of 9/11/01.

I wept today.

I wept for families I have never met whose pain cannot be quenched with time. I wept with the readers of the names at Ground Zero, whose emotion could be felt these hundreds of miles away. I wept with a country who, for now and always, looks over its shoulder with incertitude.

For my family, our personal connection to 9/11 made it safely out of the Pentagon. She had been receiving an award in a different part of the building and was spared the awful brunt of the day’s attack.

But in so many ways–by love of country, by gift of service, by pledge of loyalty–we are affected, every one of us.

Today, I am reflecting on Psalm 46–read by the President in his address this morning–

“The LORD of hosts is with us; the God of Jacob is our fortress.”

Because of that, we turn again to life.

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