A Woman’s High Calling

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Disclaimer: The views expressed in tonight’s blog post do not necessarily reflect the views of the blogger all the time. The blogger (and the blog) are a work in progress.

Over the weekend, I was encouraged to read a blog post from someone in Blog Land whom I have never met. The title of her post: Motherhood Is Not My Highest Calling.

Upon hearing the title, I forged ahead prepared to disagree adamantly. I consider my newly-minted role of mother (33 days old and counting) to be of great significance in my life.

But then I read the post.

The blogger, a mother of 5, made some valid points. She doesn’t like the highest/lowest value statement expressed in “highest calling,” for instance. How does one calling have more validity than another? Who determines which responsibilities are more important than the rest? –I’ll be thinking about those questions for a while.

I didn’t agree with everything she said. (No worries. I don’t agree with everything I have said when I think about it later.) But after reading her post, I have spent considerable time pondering the “highest calling” concept. Here is what I believe:

Whatever role I have been given–whatever task I am expected to complete–is my current “highest calling.” One danger in assuming that motherhood is “the highest calling” is found in the alienation of everyone who is not a mother.

Women who aren’t currently married or aren’t currently mothers are no less significant than those who are gifted with children. To those who are single or childless, theirs isn’t a less significant “calling.”

I have so many thoughts on this topic, but the one that surfaces the loudest is this:

I believe my highest calling is obedience … whatever that entails.


  1. Wonderful topic to discuss- I've been trying to figure out a way to blog about it without being either 1)shrill or 2)simplistic. Both approaches seem to have already been taken.

    And while I've wrestled with it for a while, I'm coming to understand this: motherhood is a high calling but it is not an exclusive calling. I mean two things by this.

    1) It is not a universal calling (how could it be and we still use the word "calling"? The very word implies selection.)


    2) It is not the only vocation I personally am called to. As a person (which I was before I had children and hope to be after my active childrearing years), I have unique gifting and therefore responsibilities to God. And like you so perfectly stated, my highest calling is obedience to Him and His Will.

  2. Laura@OutnumberedMom says:

    Ahh, a thought-provoking topic. I agree with you — obedience is where it's at.

    My first visit here! Come on over and see me sometime.

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