1 Hundred Photos. 1 Million Memories.

Speaking of photos, this one, entitled Trolley cars on Powell, by Raceytay is perfect. Love. 

And here is what I am going to work on tonight …

Right now, Snapfish is offering 100 prints for about $6 (including shipping).

Since bringing Andrew home, I have been diligent about printing photos. On the backs, I write the name of each person in the photo, the place, the date, and a memory.

Time consuming? Somewhat. Purposeful memory making? Absolutely.

Here you go:

1. Upload 100 4×6 prints.
2. Redeem the coupon code: PRINTSFREE at checkout.
3. Watch your mailbox earnestly for sign of life.

Visit Snapfish Today!

Join me?


  1. Anonymous says:

    ahh… I know this spot, I love riding down Powell

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