Are We THERE Yet?

I would like to be sitting on this bench, featured in A New York Minute by Raceytay. Lovely!

I am a bit like a child at Christmas when I look at the calendar and think of everything that is going on …

1. is getting ready to undergo a major (fun!) change. I can’t wait for you to see what it is! This afternoon I caught a glimpse of what the final version will look like and almost starting jumping on the couch. Stay tuned …

2. FREEBIES galore are being given away via the House Honcho Facebook group. So far, I have been able to keep up with a-FREEBIE-a-day and am getting all sorts of ideas about future giveaways. (Speaking of which, I received my free canvas in the mail today and am super excited about it. If you haven’t taken advantage of this offer, you really should consider it! Totally worth it, in my opinion.)

3. November is shaping up to be the best month in House Honcho history. I have been talking to home managers all over the Internet, brainstorming holiday traditions and decorations, meals and crafts. I am ridiculously excited about the plethora of projects I am going to introduce. Two weeks and counting, Friends …

4. For those of you who loved the free journal offered in the Facebook group, you will be pleased to know that I just posted a similar offer–this time for a free photo book!

5. And just because we are having so much fun, here are 20 free 4×6 Kodak prints.

Have I mentioned I am excited?

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