Candy Land: Halloween









Looks like I’m going to need this super, vintage umbrella by CalloohCallay for October 31st!

So this is the first year I get to make the big decision … to participate or not in trick-or-treating?

Truth is, it’s supposed to be cold and rainy here in the big “D,” so the decision has pretty much been made for me.

One of the challenging issues with Halloween–or, frankly, holidays in general–is the sheer amount of sugar that gets passed around. Even if I had no problem dressing my child like a stuffed mongoose and sending him into the night, I would have serious reason for pause when it came time for him to eat the pillow case full of treats.

So I think this idea by a dentist is pretty intuitive.

In short, (from the dentist’s site):

Please bring your trick-or-treaters in to donate some of their loot to our service men and women overseas …

Why not? Allow the child to attend the events where sugar is the main attraction and then encourage the child to donate the treats to someone who would appreciate them this time of year. Lessons in lieu of cavities? Nice.

Apparently the seed for this Halloween candy idea (har har–a little bad humor on my part) came from a WWII vet who said the thing he craved most while hiding out in his fox hole … was candy.



  1. Such sage advice–I hope you have better luck prying the candy away from them than I ever did!
    Thanks for featuring my umbrella–such a great blog!


  2. Now there is an idea. Sadly they would probably have a harder time prying the candy out of MY hands than my kids. :)

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