Daring to Trust

Field of Poppies, by Raceytay. As far as the eye can see …

Admittedly, my heart is heavy today.

This morning I learned that the city where my son lived prior to his adoption is six feet under water. There is flooding throughout the country. In the 2 weeks that my husband and I spent in Thailand, we fell in love with the people and places, sites and sounds. We had mixed emotions about leaving the country behind to return home.

This morning in Sunday School, I taught a great group of teenage girls the importance of trusting as opposed to worrying. And now the test of my sincerity falls into  my own lap. (Isn’t that usually how it works?)

Problem: Sometimes worry is the easy and indulgent choice.

Response: The correct solution to worry is always trust in God.

Our trust in God cannot be linked to getting what we want when we want it. It must be linked to the wisdom of God and wanting what He wants in His time. He knows infinitely better than we do what is best for our lives.

And so, by choice, I trust.


  1. Worry is much easier, isn't it? God has been working on this in me for a few years. I've made improvement, but I am still a worrier way down deep. Thanks for sharing your thoughts so we all can work on trust together.

  2. thefrugalrock says:

    What great words for me today! Thanks.

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