A Life in Pictures

When people ask if my son has a nanny, I answer, “Well, yes. But she’s golden, four-legged, with a cold, wet nose.”

Tomorrow night our social worker comes to visit us for our first adoption post-placement visit. I can’t even believe it’s been two months today since I first laid eyes (in person) on my little boy!

In some ways, the time has flown. In other ways, I feel like my son has always been a part of my life. Strange how that happens, yes?

I was recently telling a friend that I am going to endeavor to take a family photo on the 5th of each month since our first family photo was snapped on August 5th. (Nothing fancy–just a photo that I can print when deals like this come along!) My friend responded that she wished I would post more photos here on House Honcho.

Good idea.

Beginning today, I am going to publish a photo each Wednesday that represents something going on in my life here at home. I will still respond to questions. Keep ’em coming! But maybe, just maybe, these photos will give you a glimpse into the craziness of my super cool family …


  1. Oh, Trisha! I'm so happy about this. I would love to see more pictures of your life!

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