Picture Perfect!

I have a doozie of an article I am itching to share, but that will need to wait until tomorrow night. First things first …

You know those tasks that are necessary and easy, yet they land in the “headache” column? Call me crazy, but I consider printing photos to be one of those “mundane annoyances.” I know it’s necessary. I know that photo albums are important. But who wants to drive across town and stand in front of a printer for fifteen minutes?

I take enough pictures to fill the Grand Canyon with prints, but I dread printing photos like I dread going to the dentist.

So this is really good news …

Now through October 5th, get 100 4×6 prints for $1, 200 for $2, or 300 for $3!

Serious savings, Friends! Click here.

Right now I am uploading my own set. I am pumped …

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