SPARK #13: (Autumn) List for Life

How appropriate. The free journal I ordered last week arrived today, on the day we celebrate journaling. I love how life works! (most of the time)

So this morning someone showed me her list entitled, “Autumn Wishes” in which she listed 47 items she wanted to experience during the fall. And so I took the challenge myself. In light of the recent announcement that cursive is on its way out, I wrote this post by hand.

SPARK #13: What would you include on YOUR autumn to-do list?

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  1. Again, I love your handwriting. I agree with you about cursive. I worked hard to develop *decent* handwriting. I am sad to see it go. Handwriting is so much more personal. Personally, I find writing cursive with a pen on actual paper soothing.

    • Is that really your handwriting and not a print font? WOW! Your capitals look exactly like the cursive examples that ran around the walls of my fourth grade classroom.

      Like Sarah, I love writing with a pen on actual paper, especially a fountain pen. Sadly, you can hardly find fountain pen ink anymore. I miss getting handwritten letters and cards in my mailbox. Lately I’ve been thinking about finding reasons to send “real” letters, notes, and thank yous to my friends and family, and even finding a “pen” pal… not an email pal.

      I’m really enjoying the Sparks, Trisha. Thank you.


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