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Amerrissage by Raceytay … beautiful

Forgive me while I stray from my typical Sunday post …

I believe in celebrating holidays.

The next 55 days are my favorite: celebration of Christ, appreciation of family, demonstration of gratitude, giving of gifts.

Holidays can be misunderstood–even overemphasized to the neglect of other important things. I am not a fan of displaying Christmas trees in shopping centers in September, for instance, or fighting for blitz items the day after Thanksgiving. But I am a fan of taking time to remember, to appreciate, to cherish.

Holidays, in my opinion, are simply reminders of where we’ve been, what we have, and where we’re going. Without holidays, I wonder if we’d ever take the time to stop.

Beginning this Tuesday, I am going to post the Holiday Hundred. I hope to share 100 holiday ideas between now and Christmas Day. I’ve talked to home managers, I’ve gathered photos, I’ve done my research. And now I am excited to share what I’ve learned.

Some of these ideas are broader than the holidays themselves and can be implemented any time memories are being made.

I hope you will meet me back here on Tuesday. And even more than that, I hope this will be a holiday season for the books …

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