CONTEST: Tell a Friend; Taste a Book










The contest is simple. Tell a friend; taste a book.

Well. Maybe that’s as clear as mud. Let’s try this instead.

I am really excited about the Holiday Hundred series here on the blog, and I want everyone to know about it. A lot of wonderful people have e-mailed me some really good ideas. I believe some of the ideas you’ll read about in the next few weeks could be game changers for your family. I know these ideas will be for mine.

So here’s the deal …

Invite your friends to join the House Honcho Facebook group. Tell your friends that–when they join–they need to mention in a post on the wall that YOU sent them. Two weeks from today–on Wednesday, November 16, the person with the most referrals on the Facebook page will be awarded a $25 gift card for Tastebook. No drawing names. No surprise winner. You get the most people to join, you win the prize.

And it’s no shabby prize!

If you have never purchased a Tastebook, let me just say that it will be one of the most enjoyable, addicting experiences in your kitchen-related lifetime. I love the Tastebook that I made for my family. It is full of photos and recipes that have been in my family for generations. If the book survives the way that I cook, it will be a great item to pass down to a child someday.

And if nothing else, you can use your giftcard to make someone really happy at Christmas this year.

Happy telling-a-friend-and-tasting-a-book!

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