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Since I am in Chicago right now for a writing project, it seems fitting that tonight’s holiday idea involve writing.

Sherry from Young House Love created this cool “thankful jar” and had this to say about it:

“Even though we’re starting a bit late, our goal is to write one [item of thanksgiving] per day all month long so by November 30th we’ll have accumulated sixty notes of gratitude (we already wrote extras to make up for the lost time). Oh and we have a no peeking policy so we won’t know what each other has written until the end of the month. That should be a fun little family reveal.

We’re also thinking at the end of the month we’ll punch holes in the cards so we can store the collection on a ribbon or a binder ring. That way when we break out our ‘thanks jar’ next year we can relive all of the things that we were grateful for in [2011] and create another collection of things we’re thankful for that year.”

You can learn how to make a “thankful jar” or read more from Sherry here.

Here is a variation I think would be great for this project:

Instead of simply listing items, actually write thank-you notes to people (to be distributed at the end of the month).


  1. I like this idea. We are writing our thankfulness on paper pumpkins and hanging them up. At the end of the season I can save them in a book. It has been fun to see my daughter’s growth from a few years ago with what she is saying she is thankful for.

  2. LOVE this idea!

  3. You’re in CHICAGO? Shoot me an e mail if you have time. I’d love to see you.

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