Ideas 1 and 2: Best-staged Plans
















I am a HUGE believer in planning ahead.

I am lost in a grocery store without a list. Housework is daunting until I make a plan. I was in sixth grade when I chose my college and college major–and I followed through on my decision. I am a planner to the bone.

Friends like Katie from {Loves of Life} are my kind of people. Katie created the above fall bucket list. (Download yours here.)

Whether you accomplish each item on Katie’s list or create one of your own, Idea #1 is simple: Create a fall to-do list. Fact: We are more likely to get things done if we plan to do them.

And as long as we’re making plans, Idea #2 involves this fall photo checklist by Rebecca at simple as that. (Download yours here.)


















Let’s get this Holiday Hundred off to a strong start with good planning.

Happy holidays!


  1. I love the idea of a picture-taking plan for the fall! I can’t seem to get it to print properly, however. It comes out quite small and the letter s quite faint. Any suggestions?

    • Oops! I see what I did wrong … I just opened the image, not the download. There are several buttons to push to get it to download … Thank you for the list, it’s beautiful and inspirational!

  2. I love the idea of PLANNING AHEAD too!!! Then once the day arrives we can just sit back and relax, enjoyg and savor the sweetness of the moment!! Hope your fall festivites are just GRAND!!!!

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