Ideas 14 to 17: Print Production

Tonight I am going to share 3 printables that I hope will help enhance your Thanksgiving holiday.

To print your own copy, simply click on the photo and it will take you to a printable version.

Idea #14: Print place cards for your Thanksgiving celebration (like the ones pictured above) … even if it is “just your family,” (whatever THAT means?!) Something about place cards just makes the meal more celebratory.

Idea #15: Below each person’s name on a place card, write something you (or your family) is thankful for regarding that person.

Idea #16: Why not create a printable for the kids? Consider an activity like the one below. Host a contest for your miniatures.

Idea #17: When my husband was growing up, his grandmother created yearly sheets like the one below. When my husband graduated from college, his grandmother compiled all of the sheets into a notebook and gave them to us. What a treat it was to witness my husband’s childhood. The holiday season would be a great time to update the “time capsule.” Consider creating your own or modifying the one below.

Off to gather more ideas …

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