Ideas 25 and 26: Incognito Fun

Tonight I bring you ideas 25 and 26 in our Holiday Hundred series.

Idea #25 is simple. Photo props are the new horse-and-buggy at weddings these days, so why not incorporate them at holiday parties? Whether or not there is a formal photo booth, these goodies would be a lot of fun. AND they could make a cute centerpiece (see the photo above).

Abigail over at paper & cake actually sells these sets, so you wouldn’t even have to create them yourself! (Unless, of course, you want to outshine Martha, etc.)

Idea #26 is timely. Tomorrow we welcome December in all her glory. For the little ones in your home, why not wrap a picture book for each day of the month of December and allow the child to choose a package from the stack each night to read? Friends tell me that it’s amazing how excited children get about reading when unwrapping is involved.

Alright. Until tomorrow–

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