Ideas 9 and 10: Picture Me Perfect









I know. Christmas is 46 days away and I have 90 ideas still to share. How will it all get done? I have no idea.

To be honest, I am as sick as a dog right now. Please allow the exclamation points to serve as mustered enthusiasm!

Tonight’s ideas are all about photos (!!!)

Idea #9 is courtesy of photographer Jessamyn Harris. Need centerpieces for any of your upcoming holiday parties? Consider the many possibilities of combining photos and mason jars. Invite your guests to submit a photo. Feature photos of your family at a family dinner. Easy and classy (and quick!)

Idea #10 comes from an article in Woman’s Day. As a means of encouraging children toward an attitude of thanksgiving, the article suggests giving (older) children a camera and asking them to take photos of the things they are most grateful for over the course of a week. Not only will this cause the children to look for things in a positive way, it will allow the parents to see things through the eyes of their children.

And, if you need to print photos in the next four days, Snapfish has decided to extend its offer.

Here are the important details: 300 Prints for $3 Code: SPOOKY300 and 100 prints for $1 Code: SPOOKY100 Exp: 11/13/2011

Now … I think I hear my pillow and blanket calling my name!


  1. Trisha,
    I’m loving all these great ideas. Keep ’em coming! :) Hope you’re feeling better.

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