Tailor-made Trials

Walk out to the Winter by GrainnePhotography

We all need the Lord all the time.

When we first began to travel the road of trial and disappointment—as frequent voyagers and not just passersby—we did so quietly. Yes, we had
experienced a lot of difficulties both before and during the adoption wait. But we didn’t believe they were to be compared to some of our brothers and sisters
in Christ who were suffering so much more.

Dear friends of ours had recently lost their mother. How could we talk to them about waiting on God for finances? Both of our grandfathers were dying. How could we talk to our family members about our desire for expedient adoption paperwork? When, at one point, we spent several long days and nights in the hospital waiting for a difficult diagnosis of our own, we essentially kept it private. Surely there were others facing worse situations.

In one day, Job from the Bible lost ten children. Our details paled in comparison. What right did we have to tell others what we were experiencing?

But then we were reminded, rather poignantly, that there are no levels of needing God—no rungs in the ladder of faith or trust. We have Him or we don’t. We need Him or we don’t.

We may be trusting God for our child while our neighbor trusts God for her car payment, yet both of us can mutually encourage each other to wait on God in the most fitting way. Our trials are tailor-made for us.

God has invited us all to cast our cares on Him (1 Peter 5:7).


  1. Thanks Trisha! I needed that reminder.

  2. So incredibly true! We are going through tons of stress right now trying to gather together the cash for our adoption fee; yet my mother is battling cancer for the second time in 2 1/2 years right now. How can I be pulled in two different directions at the same time, especially when one (money) seems to pale in comparison to a loved one’s life? I feel guilty; but then, I remember that God cares for ALL of our needs. He wants my mother healed and our child home…I just have to keep leaning on his promises for healing and for fulfilling the desires of our hearts. :-)

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