Dear Andrew: Update and Idea

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Alright. Let’s start by addressing the elephant in the room.

With 16 days to go until Christmas, I am not going to finish the Honcho Hundred list that I started last month. I am really sad about this. I still have lots of ideas up my sleeve, but this last month has brought with it a lot of challenges to my little family of 3. Thank you to many of you that have written with encouragement, concern, or advice. I plan to maintain the holiday list and eventually post it at the top of this website. So I am looking at this setback–not as an end–but as the beginning of something new for the site that will hopefully grow with time.

After weeks of appointments at a phenomenal children’s hospital in the area, my son will face his first appointment with the O.R. in a couple of weeks. My heart is overwhelmed with concern and confidence, simultaneously. God continues to provide everything we need. I do not shutter at the possibility of being forsaken, but of not recognizing God’s good gifts to us as they are given. Simply because I would prefer that my son be healed in a different way does not make this situation anything less than good or best. We are blessed with good doctors, loving family, and faithful friends.

To those of you who have asked, we do not have an official diagnosis yet. But our outlook is positive.

Along those lines, I sent my son an e-mail today. An e-mail? Yes, he is 4 years old. No, he has no idea what e-mail is. But I thought it would  be fun to send him e-mail through the years–funny pictures, little messages, video clips. So I set up an account and started e-mailing him today. Maybe when he is sixteen or eighteen I will give him the name and password. It’ll be like a time capsule of sorts.

Plus, it’ll be my way of making sure his e-mail address isn’t something embarassing like fathead or sparkleboy. Writing e-mail to your toddler has its advantages.

Happy weekend–


  1. Ok, I LOVE this idea! I am terrible about journals, scrapbooks, etc, but this I could do!

  2. Cathy Logan says:

    Thank you Trisha for the update on Andrew and for sharing from your heart. Andrew’s life is already richer because of you and Luke. God knows the plans He has for all of you…plans for hope and a future! Have a blessed holiday season! Your friend, Cathy

  3. Love the idea of the e-mail! Praying for your family!

  4. LOVE this idea! I just may do it:)

  5. Karyn Boase says:

    Don said he met Andrew when he saw your parents at the store recently. What a happy and affectionate little guy he is. Sounds like he is flourishing in your love and care. We will certainly be praying for his health situation (and yours).

  6. Beckie Potter says:

    I have seen the Dear Sophie commerical on TV. It is the cutest. It makes ya want to cry.

    I know this will be even better for Andrew than most children, especially since your level of communication with him is so limited at this point.

    We have been and will continue to be prayng for him. Hope to see you soon!!!

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