Signs of Life

I am totally going to make these owls, by mibostudio, with my son. They are chirping my name.

Today’s spring weather, open windows, and chirping birds held nothing on what made me feel alive after weeks of solitary confinement.

I cut my hair. Well, not me specifically. Someone helped me. But after months of looking like [trying to think of something politically correct and yet helpful to the imagination. Nope. Lots of examples. Nothing appropriate]. Let’s just say I look like a female again.

My son took one look at me this morning and said, “Ow.” Yep, Baby. That’s about right.

In other news, snapfish is offering one of its magnificent deals. Upload 100 photos at $0.01 each, enter the code RAINBOW at checkout, and your total–including shipping–should be $5.00.

I’m not making an kickbacks for mentioning this snapfish deal. I’m only tell you because spring is on its way and I am feeling alive.


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