P.S. I Love You

Paper Coterie is fast becoming my favorite.

“Favorite what?” you ask. –Favorie everything. Have you checked them out? If you are a paper person like I am, you’ll understand.

They are currently offering a lovely download for free. Click here or click the photo at the top of this blog entry to claim your free lunch notes. (These notes are perfect for anyone you love–kids, husbands, particularly intelligent pets.) I am filing a copy.

Remember what it was like to find a note in your lunch box?–made the carrot sticks a little bit more exciting. Almost.


  1. Mom24Munchkins says:

    I thought Ranch Dressing made the carrot sticks more exciting.:)

  2. If i could send you a PS I love you note, I would! The week was a mess – water leak, plumbers, washing machine purchase and installation and a teen daughter in the hospital (life-threatening anaphylaxis). The house was a mess with the bathroom AND the laundry room in the LIVING room. Eeks!

    Home from the hospital, I faced disaster yesterday. But I’m one of yours, House Honcho, and I didn’t worry. I just put hand to plow, so to speak, and worked my way through the chaos, knowing that the day would literally come for each room to be put back together. Since each room was fairly under control before the week began, it really wasn’t too bad. Thank you again and again! :-)

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