Project #2: Something to Sing About

Check out this lovely treble clef necklace, made by someone who lives 10 minutes from the Baltic Sea (where she collects amber from the beach). Bliss.

Tonight I am happy to tell you about the second challenge in our Do Something series. Thanks to everyone who completed the first challenge (and let me know about it!)

Tonight’s challenge is simple: Turn on the tunes.

Anyone who’s ever participated in a school science fair knows that good music is good for the soul (or at least the ole’ house plants). So turn it on. Make an effort to play at least 3 hours of music every day. The music doesn’t need to be the center of attention; let it be background. But play music.

Think of what it could do to the mood of your home. Think of how it could positively affect your family. Use an iPod. Find a CD player. Heaven forbid, crank up a record player. (Are record players actually cranked up?)

Need music? Check out this free music from amazon. (Look to the left-hand column for musical genres.)

No matter what you choose to do, just do something–


  1. Thank you, House Honcho, for this beautiful reminder about music. I tend to like quiet, so at first I was resistant to the idea. But your house cleaning tips and emails sure help me, so I thought: maybe she’s right about music, too.

    So … I put Pandora on, found a calming radio station and … wow. Yes, I needed that. And this – I’m listening again this afternoon. For some reason, it’s helping me not feel so pressured to multi-task. And I’m more peaceful doing the one thing at a time that my brain is expecting of me as I near pass the mid-40’s era of my life. :-)

    Thank you for the great reminder and the peaceful moments of my day!

  2. We have Pandora through our tv and I like to turn it on when the kids get whiney. Nothing a little dance to some old big band tunes can’t fix. Well – not much in their little worlds anyway :-)

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