Who Killed Change?

I agree with dazeychic. This is the best way to live.

Change is a good thing. Or so I’ve been told.

Over the past several months I have been contemplating the direction of this little blog. I want it to be a beneficial use of time for both of us–me who writes and you who reads. So here’s the plan. Over the next few months–between now and Christmas–I am going to experiment with challenge-driven blog posts.

The theme: Do Something

The point of the posts?–to put a simple challenge in front of you–us–for the day and see who takes it. The challenge may be something as simple as foregoing caffeine or as challenging as creating a new wall hanging. All of the challenges will be beneficial to your home. If you complete the challenge, let me know. Drop me a message on Facebook or e-mail or leave a comment in the blog’s comment box. Feel free to write about it on your blog and post the link for reader’s to see.

Change is good. Challenge is good. Together, let’s do something.


  1. I love a good challenge!

  2. Ill be doing the challenges!

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