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One of my babes whom I am blessed to love.

I rushed around my house this morning with 1 million things to do.

My eyes barely open, I stumbled across my to-do list for the day. In addition to the cleaning, there were meals to prepare and children to bathe and calls to make. And Heaven help me, I purchased a new phone yesterday, so before I could make those calls, I would need to send smoke signals to the United Nations so they could help me locate the SEND button.

As is usually the case when I am rushing around, a small voice reprimanded me, encouraging me to slow down, enjoy oatmeal with my oldest, and kiss the cheeks of my youngest.

BUT MY TO-DO LIST. It’s louder than a fog horn in my head most days.

And then I received word that an acquaintance of mine lost her 6-week-old baby today. And time stood still. I wept for her at my kitchen table until my son came and stood beside me. When he eventually asked if I would play with him, I was tempted to remind him that there was dust to collect and floors to clean and a tub to scrub.

It was true, after all.

Those things–tasks for the home–are important. Caring for my family by completing my tasks is not trivial.

But today it will all wait.

Today I need to enjoy oatmeal with my oldest and kiss the cheeks of my youngest. Because 6 weeks isn’t long at all.

And God help me if I ever forget why I have a to-do list in the first place.


  1. I am so sorry to hear about your friends loss. I had tear rolling down my cheeks as I prayed for her family and friends.

    When I am tempted to brush off my children to go do this or clean that I’m reminded of a line from “Hook” the mother is looking at the father and she says, “There are a few short years when our chldren want us to be around and after that we will be chasing them for a bit of attention” Not quoted exactly ,but you get my meaning.

    We need to be intentional in spending the precious time we have with our children. It is the small things that they will remember most.

  2. What a precious reminder, Trisha. This auntie is going to set aside my color-coded Day Timer and call my niece…just because.

  3. Well said.

  4. A reminder needed by us as grands as well although it reminds me of how much emphasis I put on accomplishments as my kiddos were growing up.

  5. lindsay silveus says:

    Thanks. While I am not a mother, I’m currently a stay at home wife with a to do list a mile long. Sometimes I brush “time with my husband” to the bottom of the list. Time is precious.

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