Ketchup Is a Vegetable (and other important FYIs)

My sweet boy, learning about leaves


I became a mom 15 months ago this week. Nearly 5 months ago, I became a mom again. On occasion I am asked what I have learned. Please consider the following pearls of wisdom.

1. Cleaning, while necessary, is futile. Toys (particularly little ones that induce significant pain when stepped on) multiply even when no one is in the room to take them from the toy box.

2. Forget Calvin Klein for Women. For the next 80 years, I’ll be wearing the scent of baby spit … or worse.

3. The best place to hide candy is in the ironing board padding. Not even I expect to find it any time soon.

4. Children who have yet to unravel the mystery of the alphabet can somehow navigate any electronic device.

5. If struggling to keep your baby awake so he’ll sleep at night, just decide to take a nap yourself. Voilà!

6. Two people getting ready to leave the house requires 1 hour. Four people getting ready to leave the house requires an entire day.

7. A solo trip to the gas station suddenly feels like an all-expense-paid vacation to Maui.

8. Tons can be accomplished in the 30 seconds when both children are sleeping.

9. Forget offering an expensive toy or special trip as a prize for that challenging goal. All he wants is an M&M.

10. Motherhood is the greatest gift I never knew I needed.



  1. Those are some precious pearls of wisdom, Trisha! Very sweet. Thanks for sharing!

  2. I love this, Trisha! Love, love, LOVE it! All so true.

  3. Hilarious! But, oh so very true! :)

  4. I loved reading this, Trisha! My mama-heart can relate.

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