Something He Needs

So the other day, I reminded you of my Christmas gift strategy and showed you what I was doing to fulfill the “something to read” portion of my son’s gift this year. Tonight, I’d like to show you his “something he needs.” 

I am pumped.

I located and bought a Nativity scene that was handmade by a woman in Thailand connected to my son’s adoption agency.

I don’t know what I love most, but I do like that Mary, Joseph, and the kings are wearing flip flops. My plan is to use the pieces like an Advent calendar, explaining 1 piece to Andrew every day for a week leading up to Christmas.

How will I sleep the night before Christmas?


  1. Awesome! Beautiful set! I remembered your strategy from hearing about it last year, and my husband and I will be using it this year. Their “something they need” will be a trip to the Academy of Sciences Planetarium–field trip to end our Astronomy studies, and gift all rolled into one.

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