The Gift of Abundance

I’ve seen the Facebook posts. I know that November is the month to be grateful.

Without a doubt, I believe gratitude is a good thing. How could it not be, right? Without gratitude, we look at life without color. We miss the blessings because we fixate on the challenges. But I believe that gratitude belongs to the whole year. Sure, it makes sense to give thanks in the month of Thanksgiving in the same way that we elaborate on our feelings for America in July and gush about love in February.

But why limit Thanksgiving to 30 days?

If gratitude is not simply an act of the will, but is rather a natural response that flows from a heart that recognizes and appreciates grace, why not cultivate it year-around? 

So here’s what I’m doing. I’m a huge fan of Paper Coterie. They just created new Daily Gratitude Journals and placed them 50% off this month (Enter THANKFUL2012 at checkout). I’ve already received mine. The book includes space to write 1 thing for which you are grateful every day for 1 year.

(Frankly, paper and pen are all that are neeeded. Spiral notebooks work as well as fancy journals.)

I plan to begin my journal on Thanksgiving of this year and put the finished book in my son’s box of keepsakes next Thanksgiving.

The journaling isn’t intense, and it will provide me the opportunity to teach my son what it means to be thankful … every day.

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